Softbank Samurai Japan Texture iPhone Case

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iPhone cases straight out of the Sengoku period, and the essence of Japanese culture.   Softbank BB is bringing the aesthetics of traditional Japanese lacquerware to these iPhone 3 cases.

These five cases commemorate five famous samurai from Japan’s storied history—(from left to right) conquerer Oda Nobunaga; one-eyed warlord Date Masamune; tactician and “Dragon of Echigo,” Uesagi Kenshin; famed lover Naoe Kanetsugu and triumphant underdog Yukimura Sanada.

The Japanese cases were created in collaboration with 350-year-old lacquerware company Zohiko, using the traditional technique, and each design comes with a different cloth pouch.

These cases took about a week each to make and originally retailed for 99,800 yen each, or a bit over $1000 USD.

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